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Grow old along with me...two branches on one tree.....When the day is done, we will be as one.....God bless our love...God bless our love...

1940 ~ 1980

John Winston Lennon, The founder of the Beatles, was born during a German bombing raid on October 9, 1940, to Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon. They had married in 1938, but Alfred, a merchant seaman, was absent for long stretches during Lennon's early years. Julia was described as a free if somewhat flighty spirit. It was decided in the spring of 1941 that John would have the greatest chance of a stable home life if he were brought up by Julia's childless sister Mary Elizabeth, known as Mimi, and her husband George Smith, in Woolton, a Liverpool suburb.

Thus Lennon was insulated from the breakup of his parents' marriage in 1942. He saw his father occasionally until he was five, whereupon Alfred disappeared until 1965, when a London newspaper reported that while his son was making millions, Alfred Lennon was a dishwasher in a hotel. They maintained an odd, rocky relationship thereafter. Julia, on the other hand, took up the role of the affectionate, eccentric aunt, who countered the strict upbringing Mimi was giving John by indulging and encouraging his earliest bohemian instinct including his interest in music.

One trait emerged early: a penchant for twisting the language. From the time he was a somewhat mischievous seven-year-old at Dovedale Primary School through his years at Quarry Bank High School and the Liverpool College of Art, he entertained his friends by writing booklets of parodies and nonsense verse, illustrated with cartoons and caricatures. This talent came to full flower not only in his song lyrics, but in the two books he published during the Beatles years, In His Own Write in 1964 and A Spaniard in the Works in 1965, and in the posthumous compilation, Skywriting by Word of Mouth, published in 1986.