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I have been very keen on music from a young age. It started in Leigh, when I was 5, my childhood friend Denise had a kids record player that you wound up..anyway, she had this record of Danny Kaye singing 'Little White Duck'...and I listened intently as it played..with my head right up to the megaphone so as I could hear it well. Denise commented to another friend, 'look at Susan, she is listening properly'...I can close my eyes now and 'be in that back yard doing exactly that'.. I knew then something was born in me..

At that same age, Cliff Richard had me mesmerised in front of the B&W was then I had an inclination that I wanted to be a singer..

When I was 8, The Beatles world changed, and they have been in my life forever...I drew them, I mimed to them, I imitated there songs....I longed to play the guitar..but a tennis racquet had to suffice, and I played it quite well too....never missed a note hehe

When I was 15, I was able to buy my first guitar...then at 16, I began to have professional lessons..which I continued doing 'spasmodically' for years. Finally deciding that I was my own best tutor I recently began to learn scales and Tab.

To my own excitement, I feel I can play more freely and enjoy the impulsiveness of it all. After all this time and mega bucks, I have 'stumbled' on the key of my own discovery, and found its easier than they tried to teach me!!!

My advice for beginners/learners...get a few lessons on the basics etc...then get a scale book, and learn at least one or two...then get some tablatures (from internet) and go for it. Dont spend money on 'tutors' they only drag out the process...believe me I know.

Unfortunately, I never persued the career which I yearned for, due to Public performer 'shyness' a kid, I'd never sing in front of anyone..although I knew I could, but was not extraverted enough to gung-ho it.

Follow your dreams kids, you only live once....

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Thank you boys, for the time of my life xxxx