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Portrait of a Lancashire Lass

always smilin..

'ello..'ello..' nice of you to pay me a visit then!!!

I was born in Leigh Lancashire, and for those of you who aren't sure where that is..I am sure you have heard of Liverpool, well LEIGH is not far from there,(its between St Helens and Salford)......and definitely 'not' in Greater Manchester!!
I have memorable moments of my home town, the coalhouse in the backyards, the cobble-stoned back lanes..and the ice cream cornets with raspberry topping. I attended kindergarten at Pennington School (1961-62),the school is just over the Leigh bridge and sits next to the canal, (and is still a school today, I'm pleased to say). I was only there for a short time in my life, and I can't remember my teachers name??..but she had short white curly hair and I remember her telling the class that I was moving to Australia, and she said I was a lucky girl. She must have been a nice teacher, as I don't recall not liking her and I can still see her smiling face in my minds eye.
My family emigrated to Australia on the S S Oriana, and I enjoyed the six weeks passage. We had lots of fun on board, except when we were crossing the equator and 'King Neptune' came on board..and all us kids got painted with melted icecream and dipped in the deep diving pool, held afloat by a purser and lifted out the other end... I remember being traumatised at that point (not sure if it was the huge deep swimming pool or the big dragon painted on the bottom...hehehe...and I dont think I went in any pool on-board ever again ;-)
We arrived in Sydney Australia, May 1962..and have stayed to this day. My folks and their folks have all passed on now, and us kids have grown and have kids of our own...though I know it will never be the same, it will be nice to go back home again one day and walk down the 'old street' like I did on my five year old legs, to see places of days gone and catch up with family that are waiting back there...with the kettle on of course ;-)...Cheerio dee noo, Susan

Oh, I enjoy a good laff, and I can never get enough Lancashire humour, hehe....'Morecambe and Wise' are undoubtedly the best comedy duo, though they too have passed on, there humour still 'Brings me Sunshine' hey-eyyy!!..
Here's some moments to make you smile, and if they dont..then you've missed summat good in life....

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'Bring me sunshine'

My above all most fave of all time, is the Legend himself.......

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Edwin's Paintings
Born'n'bred in Leigh, my Uncle Edwin is the real 'LEYTHER ARTIST'!
My Works
I'm a visual artist, love to draw and's genetic ;-)
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It's in my heart, it's in my soul...
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Leyther Education
The place of my birth, LEIGH..its local schools.
The Leigh Journal
Put kettle on then....tea up! ..its the local paper from my beloved hometown.
For Whom The Bells Toll!
Memories of Sunday's gone...but never far away ;-)
L S Lowry
Laurence Steven Lowry, the famous Lancs artist who lived in PENDLEBURY.
Beryl Cook
Humour and wit..she captures it all hehehe
As a small child, I visited this lovely Welsh Castle, near Abergele. (It's FOR SALE again)

Grandad fishing on Leigh canal

My grandad loved to fish, he made his own rods..they were the first rods that could be taken apart, into three pieces, for easy carrying. He also loved football, he played for Pennington Scouts 1925 and St Helens. In his later years he enjoyed bowls and was good at it too..and I have all his trophies.
RIP Grandad xxx


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Residing in Australia....with Leigh in my heart !!

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"in my life..I love them all"...John Lennon 1940 ~ 1980

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R.I.P lads, I love you both..xx