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I remember as a small child, coming to this church on Sunday's. Funny, it doesn't seem so long a go really... I can still see the minister standing near the aisle,.. looking at me and saying.."Dont forget Susan, your going to help me ring the bells next week"... I don't think I ever did get the chance to go up that bell tower and ring the bells...I am sure that would be something I would never forget.

Now...many years later, and thinking back in wonderment at the size of the bell tower, and indeed the church itself..looking through the memories held in photographs, of the many weddings and christenings that my relatives have had...with their pictures taken on the steps of the Leigh Parish Church, I feel a sense of pride and belonging..and a great deal of hope, that one day..I will stand on the steps of that church, with maybe a tear in my eye.....


The music you are listening to is my favourite Christmas hymm, and apart from singing it in the Parish Church, I have fond memories of a christmas play when I was in kindergarten at Pennington Public school in 1961. I can still see the children all dressed up on stage everytime I hear this song...memories from childhood are a wonderful thing...

Leyther Artist